Progressive Rising Phoenix Press


Welcome to Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. We’re an innovative independent publisher. Our mission is to succeed through promotion, creative cross marketing and original content.

We recognize that the publishing industry has changed, therefore we offer the following: higher royalties, significant discounts, print options that authors can not obtain on their own, and benefits such as Lexile scoring, trade show opportunities, press releases, wholesale discounts for schools, libraries, and retail vendors.

Here at Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, we’re building a select list. For this reason, we do not solicit authors, but do accept submissions. For a full explanation of our program prior to submitting please contact us.

All of our titles are available for significant discounts to schools, libraries, non-profits, retailers, and vendors through Progressive Rising Phoenix Press or Ingram/LSI.  For media requests or event bookings, please contact us.

We update our titles on a regular basis, so please visit often. Enjoy!
If you’re submitting, please check out our submissions page.

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